A fast transform for brain connectivity difference evaluation.

M. Zanin, I. Ivanoska, B. Güntekin, G. Yener, T. Loncar-Turukalo, N. Jakovljevic, O. Sveljo & Papo D.

Neuroinformatics (2021) https://doi.org/10.1007/s12021-021-09518-7

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Anatomical and dynamical connectivity are essential to healthy brain function. However, quantifying variations in connectivity across conditions or between patient populations and appraising their functional significance are highly non-trivial tasks. Here we show that link ranking differences induce specific geometries in a convenient auxiliary space that are often easily recognizable at mere eye inspection. Link ranking can also provide fast and reliable criteria for network reconstruction parameters for which no theoretical guideline has been proposed.

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Keywords: Functional brain connectivity; complex networks; link difference ranking; Alzheimer’s disease; Schizophrenia